A paradise for the soybean multinational corporation

From the absence of prior consultations to all kinds of operational irregularities and the failure to conduct a thorough environmental impact study, the port that the multinational corporation Cargill has been operating since 2003 on the Tapajós River, in the Brazilian state of Pará, blatantly ignores the most basic environmental regulations, disregards the rights of local indigenous peoples, and negatively affects the economy of the region.

From FIFA to UEFA, the hypocrisy of political correctness

The municipality of Munich asked the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) that the stadium where Germany and Hungary were to play a game on Wednesday, June 23, be lit up in rainbow colors to protest the anti-LGBTI law passed in Budapest, but the regional sport’s higher-ups denied the request.

Unilever and its shadow of casualization and death

Walter Jonathan Bartholin Lillo, a worker at Unilever-ID Logistic (subcontracted by Unilever), died on June 15 as a result of a serious work-related accident suffered as he performed his tasks, and the multinational corporation is not taking responsibility for the incident nor has it issued an official communication of his death.

Daughter of a poisoned land

At almost 79 years of age, Trân Tô Nga says she is fighting “the” battle of her life: trying to hold 14 multinational corporations accountable for the use of “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War, which destroyed her body and life, and the bodies and lives of many of her fellow nationals. The court action she brought against these corporations in 2014 in France is now in its final stage.