White flags signaling hunger

Thousands of Guatemalans, poverty-stricken men and women, are suffering the most brutal effect of the coronavirus pandemic: hunger. And they are flying a white flag in their homes calling out for help, Carlos Luch, general secretary of the Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (Stecsa), told La Rel.

JBS, arrogance and greed

April 8 marked another anniversary of the death of Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” whose steely eyes looked unmoved upon the suffering masses as they fell by the millions into the abyss of social dispossession.

Human rights organizations back the OHCHR report

Dozens of human rights organizations gathered as the Coalition against Impunity and Convergence against Continuity, having read the human rights violations report issued on Wednesday, January 22, by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), support and ratify the denunciation of the repeated human rights violations perpetrated by the State of Honduras.