When poverty is the pandemic

Hunger haunts more than half of Brazil’s population, according to a study coordinated by the Food for Justice Research Group and carried out in late 2020 by researchers from the Free University of Berlin, the Federal University of Minas Gerais, and the University of Bras

Nestlé breaches collective bargaining agreement and lays off a worker in the middle of the pandemic

Carlos Velastegui, general secretary of the Labor Committee of Nestlé Ecuador Workers, an IUF affiliate, spoke with La Rel about the irresponsible way the transnational corporation has behaved in that country, where it has been negligent in the application of safety protocols and has further failed to comply with the collective bargaining agreement in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis.

“They plan to solve the problem with more neoliberalism”

Honduras is a nationwide living experiment for testing out political, social, and economic trends that are later transplanted to other latitudes. The 2009 coup d’état heralded similar situations that would soon spread across Latin America. Labor reform, the invasion of paid-by-the-hour and intermittent work, political assassinations disguised as crimes of passion, criminalization and judicialization of popular struggles, a new penal code, the application of novel union-busting tactics, and institutionalized and unpunished corruption. Of that pandemic, Honduras is the hotspot.


The Labor Prosecutor’s Office (MPT) filed a court action against the JBS meatpacking plant in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, following complaints by workers over the lack of health control and prevention measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke about this action with Priscila Schvarcz, the acting prosecutor on the case.