FESTRAS union leader brutally beaten

Odilia Caal Có, local leader in a branch of the IUF-affiliated Federación Sindical de Trabajadores de la Alimentación y Afines Servicios y Similares (FESTRAS) was brutally beaten earlier this month in an attack which left her with multiple injuries including a broken rib. The attack took place in an export processing zone (maquiladora) on the premises of Winners Textil.

“United we triumph”

Workers organized in the Number 1 and 2 Unions of Nestlé Graneros and the Nestlé Los Ángeles Union voted on July 24 to go on strike to pressure the transnational corporation into sitting down to negotiate with Labor Ministry mediators.

Nestlé Chile: unfair and anti-union

The president of the Number 2 Union of Nestlé Graneros denounces the difficulties workers are facing in the collective bargaining process, the obstacles placed by the company in the way of plant-level unions, and management’s failure to recognize labor organization.

Daily controls by the Federation to verify protocol compliance

On July 1st, the IUF’s Meat Industry Division held a teleconference with the participation of some 40 union leaders from the sector. Alberto Fantini, secretary general of Argentina’s Labor Federation of Meat and Meat Byproduct Industry Workers, reported on the situation in the sector and the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the key points of his presentation.

Corporate health above public health

The Labor Prosecutor’s Office, the IUF, and our affiliate organizations CNTA and CONTAC (Brazil’s national confederations of food and related industry workers) are conducting a signature-gathering campaign for a petition to block the proposed amendment to Provisional Measure 927.

White flags signaling hunger

Thousands of Guatemalans, poverty-stricken men and women, are suffering the most brutal effect of the coronavirus pandemic: hunger. And they are flying a white flag in their homes calling out for help, Carlos Luch, general secretary of the Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (Stecsa), told La Rel.