Layoffs and antiunion actions

Our affiliate SITRACONSTA, the Union of Workers of La Constancia, a Salvadoran subsidiary of AB InBev, denounced the intransigence of the Belgian-Brazilian corporation’s management in the negotiations for improved wage conditions and its continued violation of labor and union rights.
Photo: Sitraconsta (archive)

“Ever since we formed our union, in 2018, we have built various bridges in an attempt to hold a bipartite dialogue,” but to no avail, the union states in a press release.

In particular, SITRACONSTA denounces that in late April La Constancia fired 30 workers who were members of the union without any grounds for the dismissals, following a series of threats, pressures, and lies from the company’s middle management.

After the union took to the streets to protest against these arbitrary dismissals, the company fired another two unionized workers.
“They are trying to push the workers and the union until they lose hope,” the press release says.

La Constancia wants to project an image of itself as a model company, but what its workers experience on a daily basis is very far from that image.”