Sinprolac reports on the situation at Nestlé

Righting wrongs

The Union has been alerting the IUF and FELATRAN for a year and a half about the repressive and corrupt attitude of the company’s management in Nicaragua. Manager In this sense, Juan González and Head of Production Alejandra García were timely reported, as were middle management officers, including the warehouse chief and several supervisors.

Marcial Cabrera

04 | 08 | 2022


They were not only hostile toward workers, they also proved utterly incompetent in running the company, letting thousands of liters of milk and thousands of kilos of cheese, coffee, and other products go bad, thus seriously affecting the financial stability of the company and therefore the workers’ jobs.

When efforts by the Latin American Federation of Nestlé Worker (Felatran) and IUF Latin America in Nicaragua came to nothing, these two organizations turned to the highest authorities of the multinational corporation.

Felatran General Secretary Antonio Vitor thus brought up the matter in several contacts he had with senior executives in Vevey, Switzerland.

These efforts were successful and on July 8, Alejandro Moya, Nestlé country manager, met with Osman Salgado, general secretary of the Union of Workers of Prolacsa-Nestlé (Sinprolac). Immediately after, the head of production and the warehouse manager and his assistant were all fired.

On July 21, there was a new bipartite meeting, with the participation of all of Nestlé’s senior managers from Nicaragua and Central America. In addition to Alejandro Moya, the multinational corporation was represented by David Mendoza, operations manager; Anna Elissa Castillo, human resources director; Gloria Reyes, supply chain regional director; and Ervin Hernández, head of human resources in Nicaragua.

Participating on behalf of the union were Osman Salgado, Marlon Mendoza, Fausto Peña, Oscar Meza, and Levy Granados.

Nestlé officers corroborated the truth of the union’s allegations and informed union representatives of their decision to fire the manager, Juan González.

The company further promised that from now on the union would be heard and that Nestlé would no longer tolerate any irregularities by management.

Finally, William Haar, who has served the multinational corporation in several management positions, was introduced as the new manager for Nicaragua.

Nestlé workers in Nicaragua have repeatedly shown their commitment and loyalty to the company. While continuing to fight in the interests of the working class, the Union has done the same, alerting the company or the irregularities committed by local management.

The IUF and Felatran trust that Nestlé will be managed competently and respectfully.