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COVID-19 and the HRCT industry in Argentina

“We have to plan for the day after”

This month of May, Rel-UITA (IUF Latin America) and Clamu (the IUF Latin American Women’s Committee) launched “Ronda Viva,” a program that seeks to provide a space for connection between the Regional Organization’s women and LGBTI people in times of COVID-19.

In this first installment, Patricia Mantovano, a leader of the Union of Tourism, Hotel and Food Service Workers of Argentina (UTHGRA), gives us a first-person account of how the pandemic has impacted her activity, the sector, and its workers, and how her union is preparing itself for when the industry resumes activities.

In her account we see her go from expressing the feelings of distress and hopelessness brought on by the situation, to positioning herself in a place of resilience, and to finally leave us with a positive message of hope to combat the paralysis caused by fear and resignation.

Watch the video.


Edición de video Marcela Melendez