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BAT Argentina violates collective
bargaining agreement

The situation of the workers of British American Tobacco (formerly Nobleza Piccardo) who were laid off nearly a month ago remains unchanged.



In mid May, the company began outsourcing activities, laying off the 40 workers who dispatched cigarettes at the Martínez plant and replacing them with transport workers belonging to a different union.

The company insists on continuing with this irregularity, which is in clear violation of the collective bargaining agreement signed with the sector.

The Federation of Tobacco Workers of the Republic of Argentina (FTTRA) has been invited by the General Secretariat of the IUF to participate in a virtual meeting scheduled for June 24 entitled “Why is British American Tobacco not guaranteeing the human rights of workers in its supply chain?”.

At that meeting, which will be attended by several union leaders from around the world connected with BAT, the FTTRA will introduce participants to the situation of these workers.