Casualization and violation of labor rights

Nestlé’s onslaught

Gerardo Iglesias

09 | 06 | 2022

The Federation of Food Industry Workers (FTIA) convened its Buenos Aires province, Villa Nueva (Cordoba), and Fimat (Santa Fe) affiliates with Nestlé production units to a meeting in its national headquarters.

As Rel UITA has been denouncing, this multinational corporation continues with its policy of hiring outsourced workers in multiple sectors of its plants, a practice that entails substantial wage reductions and loss of rights.

The unions have demanded that Nestlé abandon this strategy, which undermines labor organization and is a violation of labor laws.

Héctor Morcillo and Ricardo Bertero, respectively general secretary and union secretary of the Federation, participated in the meeting held last Wednesday, June 1, where the unions decided to implement a struggle plan if Nestlé does not put an end to its management practice of casualizing working conditions.

Photos: FTIA