Daniel García

Un nuevo logro del SITRAPA

Este martes 9 de agosto, se dio inicio un proceso de inspección laboral por parte del Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social, en los diferentes centros de trabajo de Palma Tica SA, Agricultura de Hoy y del Mañana, ubicados en los cantones de Corredores, Golfito y Puerto Jiménez.

From FIFA to UEFA, the hypocrisy of political correctness

The municipality of Munich asked the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) that the stadium where Germany and Hungary were to play a game on Wednesday, June 23, be lit up in rainbow colors to protest the anti-LGBTI law passed in Budapest, but the regional sport’s higher-ups denied the request.

The usual suspects

In what could be seen as a sequel to the famous Monsanto Papers (a series of documents revealing the methods employed by that transnational corporation to discredit those who were denouncing the harmful effects of its products and the pressure exerted by the company on governments, politicians, and scientists), the British newspaper The Guardian has just uncovered similar tactics used by Bayer, Monsanto’s current owner, to make Mexico abandon its decision to ban glyphosate.