Syngenta laid bare

Syngenta is one of the largest multinational corporations in agribusiness. It is a world leader in the sale of toxic agrochemicals and is among the top suppliers of transgenic seeds. A recent study dissects this Swiss-based Chinese government-controlled mega-company, which currently has Latin America as its strongest market.

A silent genocide

Pineapple farming in Costa Rica must be regulated, both its use of toxic agrochemicals and to prevent forms of labor exploitation of its mostly migrant workers and their families.

A guidebook

On April 27, Rel UITA (IUF Latin America) launched The Meatpacking Plants Pandemics in digital format, a book that was made possible by the support of Sweden’s Union-to-Union. Ahead of the launch of the printed version in São Paulo next week, we spoke about the book with Doctor Roberto Ruiz, the man behind this work.

National strike in German meatpacking plants

Last April 7, in a meeting of European and Brazilian labor organizations that represent meat industry workers, Peter Schmidt, of the German Food, Beverages and Catering Union (Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten, NGG), declared: “Trade union actions against workforce casualization in meatpacking plants in Brazil and Germany are part of the same struggle.

Daughter of a poisoned land

At almost 79 years of age, Trân Tô Nga says she is fighting “the” battle of her life: trying to hold 14 multinational corporations accountable for the use of “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War, which destroyed her body and life, and the bodies and lives of many of her fellow nationals. The court action she brought against these corporations in 2014 in France is now in its final stage.

Pandemic fodder

The health situation in Brazil under the COVID-19 pandemic is a faithful reflection of the institutional mess and the irresponsibility of a government that mocks its people on a daily basis.

“Spain’s tourism industry has disappeared”

The officer in charge of institutional matters at the International Union Action Secretariat of the Services Federation of Spain’s labor confederation Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) spoke with La Rel about how the pandemic is impacting the country’s tourism industry, one of the worst hit by the current health crisis.