“The perpetrator of these crimes is agribusiness”

The murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and the confirmation, on June 16, of the discovery of their dismembered and burnt bodies shocked the world. This violence, however, committed under the cloak of impunity and fueled by the current government’s hate speech, is something that native peoples and their defenders have been suffering for decades.

“Rel UITA arrives in the country at a historic moment”

Carlos H. Reyes, historic union leader and former president of our member organization, the Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers(Stibys), spoke with La Rel about the role that the IUF and its Latin American Regional Office have played throughout the twelve years of resistance and struggle of the Honduran people following the civilian-military coup in 2009.

Twelve long years of solidarity

On June 28, 2009, with the decisive support of the armed forces and under the feigned outrage of the United States, the de facto powers of Honduras staged a coup d’état that toppled the country’s democratic institutions and ushered in twelve years of pillaging, terror, and relentless violation of rights.

The pit

As expected, the pandemic exacerbated inequalities between countries and between individuals. In a new and detailed report, Oxfam shows just how vast the gap is.

A paradise for the soybean multinational corporation

From the absence of prior consultations to all kinds of operational irregularities and the failure to conduct a thorough environmental impact study, the port that the multinational corporation Cargill has been operating since 2003 on the Tapajós River, in the Brazilian state of Pará, blatantly ignores the most basic environmental regulations, disregards the rights of local indigenous peoples, and negatively affects the economy of the region.

From FIFA to UEFA, the hypocrisy of political correctness

The municipality of Munich asked the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) that the stadium where Germany and Hungary were to play a game on Wednesday, June 23, be lit up in rainbow colors to protest the anti-LGBTI law passed in Budapest, but the regional sport’s higher-ups denied the request.