Milei, Oxfam, and the world’s powerful

Just two days before Argentine President Javier Milei, in one of his most outrageous speeches yet, delivered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, declared that humanity was experiencing its most prosperous and just era, the non-governmental organization Oxfam issued a report on inequality and poverty in which it stated practically the opposite.

“Rel UITA arrives in the country at a historic moment”

Carlos H. Reyes, historic union leader and former president of our member organization, the Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers(Stibys), spoke with La Rel about the role that the IUF and its Latin American Regional Office have played throughout the twelve years of resistance and struggle of the Honduran people following the civilian-military coup in 2009.

Twelve long years of solidarity

On June 28, 2009, with the decisive support of the armed forces and under the feigned outrage of the United States, the de facto powers of Honduras staged a coup d’état that toppled the country’s democratic institutions and ushered in twelve years of pillaging, terror, and relentless violation of rights.

World champions in greenwashing

The term greenwashing refers to the marketing tactics deployed by companies to appear environmentally friendly to the public. The world’s largest multinational corporations have become experts in the use of such strategies to clean up their images. And the most proficient at it are those that contaminate the most.