A strategic contribution

Atilra opened a model technology education center
A strategic contribution
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 Photo: Lucía Iglesias
The center, located in Sunchales, and inaugurated by the Argentina’s Minister of Education Alberto Sileoni as part of the 3rd International Conference of the IUF’s Dairy Sector is considered one of a kind in Latin America due to its particular features and objectives.
Minister Sileoni pointed out the educational policy based on which Technological Education Center located in the city of  Sunchales –in the midwest of the Province of Santa Fe–  is implementing academic opportunities.
As part of his activity at the event, the Minister subscribed an agreement with the National University of the Littoral Region, represented by its Dean Mr. Angel Cantard, and with the Chairman of the Atilra Foundation General Secretary of the union Mr. Héctor Luis Ponce, for pursuing cooperation actions within the Program for Extending Third Level Education, oriented at implementing academic opportunities at the newly-opened CET.
«The main purpose of this initiative is to prevent the uprooting of the region’s young people from their environment, by allowing all citizens the possibility of studying and finding self-development in their own town and avoid migrations to the larger urban centers,” Sileoni said.
The agreement is aimed at promoting educational quality and providing the productive, industrial and technological sector with adequately trained human resources in order to promote the region’s economic growth and development. The Ministry has also undertaken the commitment to provide the financing necessary for administering professional courses.
Atilra’s CET is a modern complex located on a site of 6.3 Hectares along National Highway 34, at Kilometer 262. Given the building’s features and its strategic objective of considering education as a tool for the growth of workers, it is considered one of its kind in Latin America.
For the whole community
In his speech, Ponce said that «this project is not just for Atilra but also for the whole community, because our vision is not self-centered». And he stated that insecurity «cannot be solved by building higher walls. Quite the opposite, we want to erect walls like the ones in this center so as to build a better society through education.»
He also expressed that his union wishes the best for all links along the dairy chain. «And proof of this is the history of the union itself. If the government is doing well, we will all do well,» he said.
Afterwards, the Minister inaugurated the President Nestor Kirchner Walkway of Memory and Life, an architectural piece located on the site which is meant as a way of memorial for the dairy workers disappeared during the past civic-military dictatorship.