Companies seek greater profits by postponing therights of workers

SUNTRANEP at the 3rd International Conference of the Dairy Sector

With Alexander Caballero
Companies seek greater profits by postponing the rights of workers
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Photo: Nelson Godoy
Alexander Caballero, the General Secretary of the National Union of Workers of Nestlé Peru S.A. (SUNTRANEP), gave his opinion about the IUF Latin America Conference in an interview with La Rel.
-What is your opinion about this Conference?
-I think it is very important because here we can see the problems existing at the global level and which markets show the highest demand for milk, where companies are implementing strategies to increase their production and their sales, while leaving behind the benefits that workers are entitled to.
We have also had the chance to attend the opening event by Atilra of a Technology Education Center not only for the union’s people but also for the local communities and others from different regions in the country.
It is a place for professional studies, even at the university level, which will enable numerous young people who have no chances of being educated to receive training in order to access better jobs and in turn improved wages.
-What is the current situation of the negotiations with Nestlé Peru?
-The SUNTRANEP is negotiating its List of Claims for the period January-December 2014.
At present, the aspects object of the negotiation are remuneration rights and benefits relative to better working conditions, benefits for cases of births and deaths, and education levels.
We are in the process of presenting new issues because we expect the company to aid workers in being transported from their homes to the working center and back.
I regret to day that it is a very difficult issue, because due to the long working hours and the time of day in which workers are required, they often need to take taxi cabs which are a very costly service in our country.