“We should light a candle rather than speak ill of darkness”

Conference Closing
Speech by Héctor Ponce
“We should light a candle rather
than speak ill of darkness”
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Photo: Lucía Iglesias
Upon closing the Conference, the General Secretary of the Dairy Industry Workers’ Association of Argentina (Atilra) and also Chairman of the IUF’s Dairy Division Héctor Ponce, said: “We fight for a better and inclusive nation worthy of being lived in. We are following the path of those who preceded us in this mandate, and also those whom we lost along the way, like the six fellow workers disappeared during the dictatorship period.”
In referring to the basis on which Atilra’s working methods are founded throughout the country, Ponce stressed that “We must define our actions before complaining, keeping in mind that though harder to tread, the paths uphill often take us farther and higher.
It is our choice to do things for others and for everyone, being aware that such an attitude results in a great inner satisfaction.
Some people waste their time in getting annoyed with the good fortune of others,” he criticized, “but if they used some intelligence, they would realize that we can also be happy seeing how good things happen to the rest of us. That attitude would make a better world. 
This Technological Education Center, which we have had the joy of inaugurating in the presence of you all, is not only for the people of Atilra. It is for all who wish to be trained in this field of knowledge. It is for men and women of good intentions, and we do not mind who they are or what their thinking is. All we want is to help in preparing better individuals.
SI always remember how Bernardo Kliksberg(1) used to close his reports with the phrase: ‘We should light a candle rather than speak ill of darkness’.
I can assure all the fellow workers of the IUF, the workers of Atilra, and all those who have gathered here today with us, that with the construction of this Technological Education Center and with this 3rd International Conference we are certainly lighting a candle for anyone who wants or needs it, and we do not mind the reward that comes with praise,” Héctor Ponce concluded.