No agreement reached with Frigocerro

FOICA calls a general work
stoppage for August 4

Last Friday, July 29, at a tripartite meeting, the Federation of Meat Industry Workers (FOICA) hoped to reach an agreement with the meatpacking company Frigocerro following the arbitrary dismissal of two union leaders.

Amalia Antúnez

03 | 08 | 2022

Photo: FOICA

FOICA met with government and Frigocerro representatives on July 29, as stipulated by law, to discuss the arbitrary termination of two of its leaders.
“Following the meeting, where the possibility of reversing at least one of the dismissals was discussed, we waited until Saturday, July 30, but did not receive a favorable response.”

“For that reason, we announce that on Thursday, August 4, we will hold a general 24-hour work stoppage and will march to the city of Durazno, where the meatpacking plant is located,” FOICA President Martín Cardozo told La Rel.

Cardozo informed that the union has alerted Labor Ministry officials, with which it is set to meet on Tuesday, August 2, for a new series of sessions of the Wage Council.

“We will be considering new offers and may call off the strike if we reach a viable solution by noon Wednesday. After that deadline, it will be impossible [to cancel the strike] due to logistics,” the union leader explained.

Stay tuned for updates.